Saanvi FashionS is division of Bujju FashionS Apparel group established with concept of adding value to both customer and manufacturer.  
Saanvi FashionS is a global apparel sourcing company servicing Customers as well as vendors
Saanvi FashionS is managed by professionals with hands on experience in manufacturing and servicing.
  Having been in international sourcing / servicing / Buying realized the importance being available on real time basis, we have offices in North America and Asia. (Production centres) Well connected to major export houses which can handle almost any kind of product. We are supported by team of professionals who monitor the product on-site and ensure timely qualitative delivery  

From the repertoire of customers - you can see we have the capability of delivering price driven goods of high quality, as well as design driven, value added refined products for some of our European customers. We have customer dedicated teams of experienced people who manage from product development to salesman sampling, production progress to chasing - quality assurance and control and auditing all shipping procedures as per our customer SOP. We have internationally trained technicians to support accuracy of submits from our Partners to ensure a speedy approval process and while affiliated labs ensure that all products are tested to meet quality standards.